Amante is now open every day and night!

Amante Stories

A magical and seductive atmosphere: nights at Amante

Amante truly comes alive at night, casting its own enchanting glow. The rugged Sol d’en Serra cliffs, paired with gentle lighting, set the stage for seductive evenings at Amante. Embrace the twilight’s blue hour to witness the mesmerizing transformation of the sky and sea as they shift in hues

A captivating setting

The scenery changes radically when you look at Amante under the sun rays or under the starlit sky. The darkness heightens the senses and turns Amante into an exclusive and magical culinary experience that captivates visitors and residents alike. The three different levels: the restaurant, the ‘chiringuito’ and the beach area, allow you to enjoy extraordinary panoramic views. Our delicate lighting is integrated in the cliff landscape covering the rock formations and vegetation with a delicate blanket of light. The whole will ensure a dazzling evening.

Flavours enhanced in the dark

The ambiance at Amante transforms with the sun and stars. Nightfall enhances the senses, creating an exclusive and enchanting culinary experience that captivates all who visit, whether you’re a resident or a guest. Across our three levels – restaurant, Our decking bar area, and Amante beach area – you can relish extraordinary panoramic views. Subtle lighting seamlessly blends with the cliff landscape, delicately illuminating rock formations and the surrounding vegetation.

Shake It

Here are some of the names for our contemporary signature cocktails: Queen Paloma, Puerto Escondido, Higo de Mar, Ibiza Affair and Puesta de Sol. Our Signature Cocktail list boasts a carefully selected range of ingredients offering excellent blends of spirits, juices, bitters, fruits and much more. An ideal journey of tastes to be relished while you soak the natural night magic of your surroundings.

Privacy and exclusivity

Our location, in the secluded Bay of Sol d’en Serra, makes Amante a wonderful space far from the stresses of everyday life. The sound of the waves is the perfect background for an secluded dinner If you are seeking an even more exclusive experience, we recommend booking our Amante Table: a unique, private, and romantic adventure located under a Bali hut on the beach area.

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