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Loving our Planet

At Amante we are conscious with the impact we have on Earth; therefore, we act consciously to compensate and reduce such impact as much as possible. It is a responsibility born from the love we feel towards our land, and that is now embedded on our DNA. Because we are love Ibiza and appreciate our natural surroundings, we want to give back to the island everything that it has provided to us.

Ibiza is an island of 572 square metres, a space of land which must manage to accommodate all that wish to come and absorb its beauty. This can put pressure on our many aspects of the infrastructure, from natural resources, waste generation, water supply and the balance of the natural ecosystems. However, it is in our hands to promote a more responsible model that allows the island to be more sustainable at long term so it can be enjoyed by the future generations.

Plastic-made, no thank you!

We all in Ibiza produce a considerable amount of waste each year that needs disposing of. Of the tonnes of waste we generate every year 17% of this is plastic, material that, often ends up on our beautiful beaches and crystal waters. For this reason, we have eliminated plastic at Amante and we are always looking for efficient alternatives to minimize waste from packaging. Aluminium, compostable materials, glass and reusable products are our alleys. We feel there is still a long way to completely eradicate this highly polluting material from the hospitality business.

Our footprint is important

At Amante, we have developed actions that directly have an impact on responsible waste management. It is not just about recycling – which we obviously do – but reducing and reusing. Our commitment ranges from food waste reduction to the transformation of already used materials, as for example the production of our own cocktail glasses from used bottles, and even beach clean-ups in Sol d’en Serra that we organise regularly.

We still have a long way to go but we have witnessed how good practices pay off. Our goal is to reinforce this area of action and integrate projects to avoid food waist obtaining inspiration from the Zero Waste Model.

Apart from fitting photovoltaic panels that reduce our energy footprint and generate green energy, in Amante we know that water supply is low and even more so on an island. Therefore, we have developed a water recovery system like the one we had in our sister restaurant Aiyanna Ibiza. Our next steps are clear: calculate our carbon footprint and strive to reduce and compensate it.

Our staff: Amante’s alma mater

Amante’s soul is its team and as the Spanish song says, ‘without them, we are nothing’. Involving the team in the development of sustainable projects promoting cooperation is the pillar of the restaurant’s sustainability strategy. We promote a model of active listening which sets the base for our sustainability culture; thus, we can guarantee the success of our actions. Moreover, we like attracting and retaining good talent. For this reason, we have implemented real conciliation, educational and equality policies. Maybe you haven’t thought about it but… would you like to become part of this wonderful team?

Positive proximity and collaboration

At Amante we firmly believe in collaboration as the base to promote a sustainable business model. We love inspiring and being inspired and, therefore, we establish relationships with different private and public entities to generate instructive dialogue and swing into action. Also, we have a hiring policy, choosing first from the local business network and responsible suppliers.

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