Looking after our planet

Environmental and Social Work

Amante has created an organic garden with the help of Can Muson to ensure we source ingredients locally and organically wherever possible.

In addition to the health benefits for our clientele and the ability to guarantee the highest level of organic produce in our menus, we decided to embrace sustainability, reducing its carbon footprint and ensuring as little waste as possible.

As well, we also try to help the planet and the people who lives within several ways

Lend with care

Amante works in partnership with UK charity Lend with Care in providing financial support to small and family owned businesses in developing countries.

We support such organisations with unsecured loans in order to help develop the local business infrastructure, thus empowering individuals and helping provide a more long term solution to people with difficulties in under developed countries.

Since 2019 we have provided over 150 loans, and helped over 500 individuals and their businesses.

Plastic free

Both at Amante and Aiyanna Ibiza, we have a strong commitment to being a plastic-free venue and eliminating single-use plastic by 2023. The philosophy of our brands is based entirely on sustainability. Currently, we managed to eliminate almost all single-use plastic from our restaurants. Furthermore, in Amante and Aiyanna all disposable items are biodegradable. The plastic bottles also have no place in these two places and have been replaced by SoulWater cans, designed to be eternally recyclable. Customers have enjoyed 21,000 cans of Soul Water instead of water in plastic bottles or beverage cartons.

Supporting Cala Llonga cinema

In association with Viva Cala LLonga we provide free children’s cinema on the beach every summer!

Supporting Peña Deportiva Santa Eularia

Amante Ibiza supports the Cultural and Recreational Society Peña Deportiva Santa Eulalia. In addition to supporting the soccer team that plays in 2b, the Cultural and Recreational Society Peña Deportiva Santa Eulalia offers 9 sports sections such as gymnastics, tennis, chess, hiking, athletics, pin pong, to the children of the city. In this way, children are offered the possibility of practicing different and less popular sports.