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Amante Table

Mesa Amante

Ibiza's Most Romantic Table

The Amante Table is a unique, romantic private dining experience. The table is set in a Balinese hut on the beach level, away from other diners and lit only by candles and moonlight. The effect is a luminescent privacy but with the warmth and ambiance of the restaurant.

The food is decadent and the service discrete but attentive. The menu options are based around a five course chef’s tasting menu created using the best produce of the day. However we welcome your preferences and requests so that our chef can create your perfect food experience.

With a specially designed menu and your own waiter all night long, the Amante Table is perfect for a romantic escape!

Your night at the Amante Table must be booked and planned in advance. Please call or email and allow us to create your ultimate romantic private dining experience.

Telephone: +34 971 196176